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Part - A full-length play

A past betrayal plunges a family into fresh panic with the arrival of an unexpected text message, minutes before Shabbat. As the clock ticks toward the Sunday wedding of her only daughter, a mother is forced to choose between family connection and family protection in the light of a long-buried secret.


Kids - Ari, 13; Rina and Uri, mid to late 20s
Parents - Rivka and David, Sharona and Farzan, Harris and Miri
Grandparents - Louise


Crossed Arms
My latest projects

A Tea Party - A thirty-minute play

Two sisters sort through memories of their late mother, but are unable to give away the scars she's left behind.


Cameron - age 38
Lucy - age 30

Development History

Reading - The Weekday Players Original Works Project

University of Maryland, College Park - 2013

Plate with Cake Crumbs

Clean Start - A ten-minute play

A concerned pair of parents process their son's divorce through a bout of endearingly harebrained problem-solving.


Mike - middle-aged son
Lisa - extremely well-intentioned mother
Bob - extremely well-intentioned father

Development History

Written as part of the first Quarantine Bake-Off - 2020
Ingredients: An emtpy store/stadium/theater; A bottle of hand sanitizer; A virtual dance or duet; A moment of mass panic; A light in the dark; Extra credit: a flower or flour


The Relationship

Classification System - A short play

Librarian Beatrice navigates the closure of her beloved library branch and the tangles of a goofy love triangle with the help of her fairy odd-mother's new brand of classification system.


Beatrice - a poised princess,

if diction was royal and poise was a looser term
Trix - a fairy godmother in presence,

a teenager in mentality
Hector - a knight in shining armor

for the things that he knows
Marty - a prince in stature, a pauper in attitude

Development History

Commission - Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Production - Shhh!: The Library After Hours - 2015

Books and Branch

What Ema Tried

to Tell Me - A one-minute play

A Jewish dance of assimilation.


The cast should be as diverse as possible and of any size, ideally 4+

Development History

One-Minute Play Festival - Round House Theatre - 2016

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